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Istria is an attractive combination of marine and continental natural beauty and is characterized by rich and diverse flora and fauna. The coast of this alluring peninsula is well-indented and a number of small, quiet bays and larger bays such as Lim, Plomin, Raš, Medulin, and Pula give these regions a special charm and attraction. The most attractive tourist excursion spot is certainly Brijunsko.


Pula, a city in Croatia. It is the largest city of the Istrian County, located on the southwestern part of the Istrian peninsula in a well-protected bay. The town has a long tradition of winemaking, fishing, shipbuilding, and tourism, and is also a transit port. Pula has been the cultural center of Istria since Roman times. The natural beauty of the Pula area and the turquoise-blue Adriatic Sea have made the city an internationally popular summer vacation destination. The nearby pearl is the Brijuni National Park, which was visited by many world leaders when it was still the summer residence of the former statesman Josip Broz. Roman villas and temples still lie buried among the cultivated fields and along the coast of several surrounding fishing and farming settlements. The coastal waters offer beaches, fishing, diving to the wrecks of ancient Roman galleys and warships from the First World War, and sailing to untouched caves and large and small islands. The most famous of Pula’s beaches are Gortanova Uvala on Lungomare, Ambrela and Havajsko on Verudela, and Pješčana Uvala and Valkane.


Along the West Istrian coast, there are several groups of islands, among which the most interesting, largest, and most separated is the Brijuni group of 14 islands, islets and rocks. The total area of the Brijuni National Park is 3395 ha, of which the sea part accounts for 2651.7 ha, while the area of all the islands is 743.3 ha. The length of all island coasts is 46.82 km, and the length of the sea border is 22.93 km. The Brijuni Islands have long been and remain synonymous with glamour. At the beginning of the 20th century, Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, painter Gustav Klimt, composer Richard Strauss, writers George Bernard Shaw and Thomas Mann rested here. However, the islands experienced a real boom from the 1950s, when Josip Broz hosted 90 statesmen from 60 countries on Brioni. In addition to signing the Brion Declaration with Egyptian President Nasser and Indian Prime Minister Nehru, he hosted French President de Gaulle, German Chancellor Brandt, USSR leader Brezhnev, British statesman Churchill, USSR President Khrushchev, Egyptian President Sadat, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Cuban President Fidel Castro. There were also movie stars, and among the brightest are: Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Richard Burton, and Angelina Jolie in recent times. In Brijuni, the world-renowned Croatian physicist Dubravko Tadić was the main organizer of the first international physics conference in independent Croatia, the VIIth Adriatic Meeting on Particle Physics, together with D. Klabučar and I. Picek. It was held from September 13-20, 1994). The first Croatian president Dr. Franjo Tuđman held numerous meetings in Brijuni. The most famous is the Brijuni meeting on July 31, 1995, where he agreed with the generals of the Croatian Army and other military officials on the final plan of the military-police operation Storm, the successful implementation of which brought peace to Croatia (and Bosnia and Herzegovina). Today, they are a mecca for many tourists and a place where theater performances are held thanks to the famous actor and director Rada Šerbedžija. Today, they are also a place where high-ranking officials of the new Croatian state occasionally receive foreign delegations in their official residence.
Something about Brijuni Islands
Total area: 736 hectares
274 km of road, pathways and trails
150 species of birds
680 species of indigenous and exotics plants
Lots of sun and warm weather
Sea temperature – 22 to 25 °C


Uljanik is a bankrupt company located in the city of Pula, in the Republic of Croatia. It got its name from the islet of Uljanik, where olive trees once grew, and today there are steel processing and hull construction plants there. One olive tree is still kept today as a symbol. Uljanik was officially founded in 1856, in the carefully selected Pula bay, as a shipyard for the navy of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The foundation for the building was laid by Empress Elizabeth on December 9, 1856, and that date is celebrated as the day of the shipyard, one of the oldest in the world today. Less than two years after the foundation stone was laid – on October 5, 1858, the first ship – Kaiser with a displacement of 5,194 tons – was launched from the slipway. A fleet of 55 different ships, with a total displacement of 53,588 tons, was then built for the Austro-Hungarian Navy. The Scoglio Olivi shipyard in Pula, the forerunner of today’s Uljanik, was founded in 1918. In 1921, it was divided into two parts: “Arsenal” (land part), which remained under the administration of the state navy, and “Uljanika” (island), which became a joint-stock company. The owners became entrepreneurs Cosulich from Trieste. In the long period of continuous work, the Pula shipyard went through different periods of development. During the Kingdom of Italy, he deals with repairs, construction, docking and cutting of old ships. After the fall of the Kingdom of Italy in 1943, during World War II, the shipyard was the naval base of the Greater German Reich. Since 1947, it has been restored as part of the SFR Yugoslavia. It continues with docking, construction, reconstructions and repairs of ships. The first new building was delivered in 1951. Under its auspices, it develops mechanical engineering, electrical industry and other productions. In the Republic of Croatia in 1992, it became a joint-stock company, survived the crisis years, continued with the shipbuilding production of various and special ships, and in the second half of 1998 entered a period of major technological renewal. From 1947 to mid-2000, Uljanik delivered 201 ships, with a total of more than 6 million DWT, to customers from all continents. Uljanik’s experts: design, construct, and build all types of ships, both for the transportation of oil and oil products, for the transportation of bulk cargo, containers, trucks, wagons, cars, and passengers. Each boat is unique, built according to specific customer requirements. During the VLCC constructions, the Pula shipyard developed the technology of building the hull from two parts and joining the two halves in the sea. In this way, from 1972 to 1976, 11 ships were built, the largest being Tarfala, 275,000 DWT for the company from Stockholm “Trafialtiebolaget Grangesberg” and Kanchenjunga with 277,120 tons of carrying capacity, delivered in 1975 to the Indian company “The Shipping Corporation of India”. On January 31, 2018, a unique luxury passenger ship for polar research “Scenic Eclipse”, the first polar cruiser in the world, equipped with a small submarine and two research helicopters, was launched in Uljanik on January 31, 2018.


The huge natural port has been used since early antiquity, and it also served as the main war port of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. In the very heart of that historic port, a step away from the Arena, is the ACI marina. The international airport of Pula is only 5 km from the city center, while those in Trieste and Ljubljana are about 130 km away. ACI marina Pula is a real city marina, located in the very heart of Pula and at the same time the only marina in the Mediterranean that offers a unique view of the Roman amphitheater. The port is located in a natural bay between the peninsula and the breakwater, which ensures excellent protection. The safe entrance to the harbor is located between the head of the breakwater (an extension of Cape Kumpar), which is marked by a green lighthouse (Z BL 3s 9m 6M) and Cape Proština, on which there is a red lighthouse (C BL 3s 9m 5M). The exact position of the Kumpar lighthouse is 44°53.2′ N 13°47.7′ E. After that, the bow of the vessel should be directed to the southern cape of the islet of Andrija, where there is a green lighthouse (Z BL 2s 7m 1M). The islet of Andrija can be sailed from both the south and the north side, and for night sailing the passage between that islet and the island of Katarina is well marked (two pairs of red and green lighthouses between which you should sail). After that passage, another lighthouse on the island of Uljanik (Z BL 5s 7m 3M) leads you to the ACI marina Pula. If you go around that lighthouse, the marina will become visible. Attention should be paid to several large iron buoys improperly anchored along the described navigation route to the marina. The speed of movement in the port basin is limited to 8 knots.



The large cranes in the center of the city, close to the Pula Arena and at the end of the waterfront, shine in a thousand colors every evening when it gets dark. The “luminous giants” located on the islet of Uljanik in the Pula bay, are a real attraction and a new recognizable sight of Pula, created by world-renowned lighting designer Dean Skira. The cranes change colors at night, and thanks to a sophisticated system, they can change as many as six thousand different combinations. The colors of the Luminous Giants are specially programmed for special occasions and holidays, during the World Cup in football they proudly shone “dressed in dice”, they were painted green on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, they were appropriately illuminated for Pula City Day… The people of Pula and their guests can enjoy the beautiful light show every evening. The colored spectacle lasting about fifteen minutes can be seen when it gets dark, every full hour!
01.01. – 31.05.2023: from dusk to 10:00 p.m
01.06. – 31.08.2023: from dusk to midnight
01.09. – 31/12/2023: from dusk to 10:00 p.m




The Brijuni Islands are the jewel of the Istrian coast. Book your Daily tour, and we will take you on a tour where you will be able to enjoy a beautiful panorama, but also a good drop and a fish or meat menu. Lunch and drinks are included in the price of the ticket, and a two-hour break for swimming is planned. You can’t say you’ve fully enjoyed the treasures of Istra if you haven’t visited the Brijuni Islands. Book your seat on our Daily tour  and come with us to a 4.5-hour long boat trip that includes a trip around Brijuni, excellent food and drinks and a 2-hour stop for swimming. All this is included in the price per adult and 50% less for children. Children younger than 3 years travel for free



“Sunset finds dolphins” and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the open sea. We will also prepare a superb dinner for you, which you can enjoy while watching the dolphins. “Sunset finds dolphins” is the name of the excursion during which you get to see dolphins while they swim, jump and play in the water. This wonderful experience will make your vacation in Southern Istria even more memorable. The excursion lasts for three hours and includes a quality fish or meat dinner and drinks. This excursion is special for several reasons – the sea is calm and peaceful in the evening, you can have a traditional Istrian dinner on the boat and you can see the famous Brijuni National Park, dolphins, and Pula by night. Come and enjoy with us 🙂


Private boat tours for up to 12 persons. Explore Istria from the sea, choose where you wish to go and how much time you want to enjoy. Would you like to spend a whole day on a boat on the Istrian coast with your family or friends and decide for yourself where to go? No problem! Our skipper will take you to dreamy spots and hidden bays around Pula, so you can discover the real beauty of Croatia! Grab your favorite bathing suit and get ready to eat great food, splash in the sea and sunbathe – all while admiring the wonders of nature.


It was just as I expected! Magnificent! I recommend it to everyone! The best boat excursion I ever had!

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The sunset was so beautiful, that I just couldn’t believe it was possible! And dolphins… It was amazing to see them playing!

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I had one of the best boat excursions in my life! The sea, the food, the drink… Unforgettable experience!

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