Wedding on boat

Everything is better on the water!


Antonio Excursion designs each wedding ceremony and reception to completely express the personality of the bride and groom. We make your special day one that your family and friends will talk about for a lifetime. Nothing is more romantic and unforgettable!

Wedding on Boat – Excursion Antonio

What we offer

Antonio Excursion is a boat wedding venue in Pula, Istra, which might just be the ideal place for you and your significant other to get married. Offering a sophisticated and secluded property to host couples’ wedding celebrations, this stylish venue has the added bonus of some splendid natural views.

The main venue space can accommodate up to 50 guests, meaning it is an ideal spot for weddings of varying sizes – the extravagant, medium populated weddings can find a home here as easily as the more intimate, elopement-style weddings. 

We have our own on board galley and Executive Chef so we can serve your delicious meal piping hot! We specialize in Pula, and are delighted to offer an array of different menus, designed for ease of planning. We are more than happy to customize to your unique tastes, so please do not hesitate to ask us. Our offerings include buffet menus, plated menus and appetizer menus and packages. We understand food is one of the most important components of your boat wedding from dream, and we are pleased to offer the exclusive services of our amazing culinary team!



Excursion Antonio

Address: Riva bb, Pula, Croatia


Phone: +385 97 796 1919